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Dielectric Grease


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General Reference Information

Motor Engineering Formulas

AC Motor Full Load Current Tables, Single & 3 Phase
DC Motor Full Load Current Table

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ANSI / ASME External Screw Thread Size Chart
Banner Glass Fiber Optics Guide
Bulk Material Density Table
Bulk Densities
Chemical Compatibility Tool
Chemical compatibility List
Chemical Compatibility Matrix
Conductivity Chart of Liquids
Conversion Formulas
Conversions-Flow Units
Dielectric Constants
DIN Standard Cut out Sizes
Electrical Wire Sizes Selection Guide
Flow Calculation Formulas
Gas Flow Engineering units’ converter
Gases -Specific Gravities
General Formulas
General Tri-Clamp Information
IP and NEMA Enclosure Ratings
IP - Ingress Protection Ratings
“K” Factor Calculation
Material Dielectric Constants
Motor Engineering Formulas
MSDS Finder
NEMA Electrical Enclosure Types
NPN and PNP Wiring
Optical Material Selection Guide
Optical Windows Information
Particle Size Conversion
Pipe Thread size Chart
Pipe Thread Engagement
Pipe Thread - British Standard Pipe Designation
Pressure Conversion Chart
Sanitary Fitting Information
Solenoid Valve Tech Notes
Specific Gravity Calculator
Specific Gravity List
Stainless Steel Fittings reference web site
Temperature Conversion Table Degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit
Temperature Effect on the Sensitivity of a Torque Transducer
Tri-Clamp Connection Information
Two-Wire Loop Powered Transmitter Wiring
USS and SAE Washer Dimensions
Vacuum Converting Chart
Velocity Pressure to Velocity FPM
Viscosity Chart
Water Flow Through Schedule 40 Pipe
Wire Gauge and Current Limits


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PW27 Load cell

Hyde Park

Application Notes

Bank Shot Solution
Clear Container "Down" Application Success Story
Metal Cans "Down" Success Story
XUK Photoeye testing Parameters
Operating Instruction Sheets
SM6xx-SM8xx FP Prep Assembly Procedure
SM139 Thru-Beam Transmitter
SM187 Thru-Beam Receiver     
VC18-CQ Default File Operating Instructions

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Hyde Park Part Numbers to Telemecanique "XX" Part Numbers
Ultrasonic Terms & Formulas
Super Prox Software Code
Sensor Chemical Compatibility Chart
How to wire "NPN or "PNP" sensor to Ice Cube relay
Virtu (VC) Configurable Sensor Wiring
Hyde Park LM100 & LM200 Information (obsolete)
Schneider Electric Substitute Web Tool for Discontinued Products

Additional Product Information

Complete Catalog     
Virtu Ultrasonic Introduction     
Virtu Ultrasonic General Specs     
Virtu Ultrasonic Analog Sensors     
Virtu Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors     
Virtu Ultrasonic Dual Level Sensors     
SM100 Series Sensors   
SM300 Series Sensors   
SM400 Thru-Beam Series Sensors     
SM500 Series Sensors   
SM502 Series Sensors   
SM503 Series Sensors   
SM504 Series Sensors   
SM505 Series Sensors   
SM506 Series Sensors   
SM600 Series Sensors   
SM602 Series Sensors   
SM606 Series Sensors 
SC606/SC656-6C0-AO-High Accuracy Model 
SM607 Series Sensors   
SM700 Thru-Beam Series Sensors     
SM800 Thru-Beam Series Sensors   
SM900 Series Sensors Introduction   
SM900 Series Sensors   
SM902 Series Sensors   
SM906 Series Sensors   
Hyde Park Software Configurator System     
CT1000 Counting Sensors   
SS100 Thru-Beam Web Sensing System     
Python Power Converter     
Obsolete Products   
PR100 & SP100   
Ultrasonic Slot Sensor     
Intrinsically Safe 2 wire Ultrasonic Transmitter     
NUS-7 - Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids  


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Double Sheet Detector


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Digital Laser Instructions

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