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Data Loggers


• Logic Beach Dataloggers 
     • IL-Mini Data Logger   
Sub-Metering Power Monitoring applications
Low Cost, Pocket Size Loggers
• ACR Systems   
• Logger Software 
Data Logger Protective Enclosures
• Thermal Protection Enclosure for Data Loggers 


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Flow Transmitter Products 

Dry Gas Mass Flow Meters
Sage Metering
Positive Displacement Flow Meters
AW Company
In-Line Mag Meters
• Kobold EPS Inline Mag Meter - Industrial Grade
• Kobold MIS Inline Mag Meter - Low Cost
• Kobold MIK Compact Mag Flow Meter
• Kobold MIM Metal Body Mag Flow Meter
Insertion Mag Meters
Dwyer Insertion Mag Meter
Insertion Mag Meter Video
Turbine Meters
Blancett Flow Meters
Paddle Wheel Flow Meters
Kobold Insertion Paddle Wheel Flow Meter
Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter
Kobold Clamp on Flow meter
Calorimetric(Thermal Sensing Technology) Flow Meters 
Intek very Low Flow Thermal Flow Meters
Kobold Flow Products
Dwyer Flow Products

Flow Switch Products 

Flow Switches-Liquid Media
Kobold Flow Switches
Dwyer Flow Switches
Ameritrol Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches
Ameritrol Flow Range table in GPM & CFM Values
Weber calorimetric Flow Switches
Flow Switches-Air/Dry gas Media
Kobold Air Flow Switch
• Ameritrol Thermal Flow Switches
Dwyer Flow Switches
• Weber Thermal Flow Switche 
• Vent Captor Mounting examples 

Handheld Flow Instruments 

Dwyer Hand Held Instrument
Kanomax Model 6036 Hot Wire Anemometer Instrument
Kanomax Model 6036 Hot Wire Anemometer Instrument Manual


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Liquid Level Transmitters 

MTS Level Products
MTS-Temposonics Liquid Level Transmitter
Liquid Level Transmitters
JOWA Level Probe
Hydrostatic Level probe by JOWA USA.
JOWA Level Probe Product Video
JOWA USA Home Page
Wireless Transmitter
JOWA Sensor Simulator
JOWA Sensor Simulator Picture
JOWA Sensor Simulator Accessories
Head Pressure Transmitter
Submersible (Head Pressure) Pressure Transmitter
PT45 Pressure Transmitter
PT2000 with Optional Sink Weight
Legacy Products
PT5000 Pressure Transmitter
Submersible Pressure Transmitter by JOWA USA.
PT 300 Series Transmitter PDF
PT 700 Series Transmitter PDF.
Submersible Pressure Transmitter Accessories
Kellems Grip for Cable Support.
Lightning Protection for Submersible Pressure Transmitter
Pressure Cell Junction Box.
Radar Transmitter
Guided Wave Radar
Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
Hyde Park Ultrasonic Products
General Purpose 1.5 & 3 Meter Ultrasonic Transmitter
General Purpose 6 & 12 Meter Ultrasonic Transmitter
Intrinsically Safe 1.5 & 3 meter Ultrasonic Transmitter
Intrinsically Safe 6 & 12 meter Ultrasonic Transmitter
FlowLine Level Products

Liquid Level Switches 

• Thermal Liquid Level Switches  
Float Level Switches-Liquid Products
     • Kobold Level Switches  
     • Dwyer Level Switches  
     • Anchor Scientific    
Explosion Proof Float Switch Level Probe.  
      • Deeter Electronics
Low Cost Conductivity Switches for Liquids
     • NEK Compact Conductive Level Switch  
     • AQS Aquaswitch Sensor

Wireless Transmitter Solutions 

• Wireless Point to Point Transmitter solution.  
• Wireless Point to Multi-Point Transmitter solution

Dry Product Level Transmitters 

• BinMaster Level Product  
• Binmaster 3D Level Scanner      
     • Binmaster SmartBob2  
     • Binmaster SmartBob “AO” Transmitter  
     • Binmaster Radar Transmitter for Dry Products

Flowline Solid Product Level Solutions

Dry Product Level Switches 

• Binmaster Vibrating Rod Point Level Sensors  
• Kobold Level Products  
• Dwyer Level Switches

Level Product Accessories

• Latching relay for simple Level Control Applications  
• Duplex Pump Controller.   
• Wireless Point to Point Transmitter solution  
• Wireless Point to Multi-Point Transmitter solution

Signal conditioner / Transmitter


API Products 
     • DC Input  
     • DC Signal Splitters  
     • DC Input Alarms  
     • Loop Isolators and Loop Power Supplies  
     • Thermocouple Input  
     • RTD Input  
     • Frequency I/O  
     • AC Input  
     • Potentiometer Alarms  
     • Bridge Strain Guage Input    
     • Valve Drivers, Math Modules, P-I Converters  
     • Module Accessories  
     • Current Transmitters, Switches, CTs  
• Camille Bauer  
• A.P.C.S.  
• DHG Digital Signal Conditioner
• TalTech Data Collection Software  

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