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Data Loggers


• Logic Beach Dataloggers 
     • IL-Mini Data Logger   
Sub-Metering Power Monitoring applications
Low Cost, Pocket Size Loggers
• ACR Systems   
• Logger Software 
Data Logger Protective Enclosures
• Thermal Protection Enclosure for Data Loggers 

Dew Point & Wet Bulb

Industrial Grade Dewpoint Products

      • Vaisala Products      
          • Electronic Catalog       
• Low Cost Dewpoint & Wet Bulb Transmitters
• Hycal Products
• High Temperature Psychrometric Chart 


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Flow Transmitter Products 

Dry Gas Mass Flow Meters
     • Sage Metering 
    • Dwyer 
Positive Displacement Flow Meters
• AW Company 
Mag Meters
• Inline Mag Meter 
• Dwyer Low Flow Inline Mag Meter 
• Dwyer Insertion Mag Meter 
Turbine Meters
• Blancett Flow Meters 
Paddle Wheel Flow Meters  
    • Signet Flow Products  
Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter 
• Kobold Clamp on Flow meter  
Calorimetric Flow Meters
     • Weber  
     • Intek very Low Flow Thermal Flow Meters  
• Kobold Flow Products  
• Dwyer Flow Products

Flow Switch Products 

Flow Switches-Liquid Media
• Kobold Flow Switches  
     • Dwyer Flow Switches  
     • Ameritrol Thermal Dispersion Flow Switches     
     • Ameritrol Flow Range table in GPM & CFM Values
     • Weber calorimetric Flow Switches     
     • Vent Captor Mounting examples
     • ICON Process Controls Flow Switches  
Flow Switches-Air/Dry gas Media
     • Kobold Air Flow Switch  
     • Ameritrol Thermal Flow Switches  
     • Dwyer Flow Switches  
     • Weber Thermal Flow Switches

Handheld Flow Instruments 

     • Dwyer Hand Held Instrument


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Liquid Level Transmitters 

MTS Level Products
• MTS-Temposonics Liquid Level Transmitter  
• Liquid Level Transmitters
• Liquid Level Switches
JOWA Level Probe 
• Hydrostatic Level probe by JOWA USA.   
• JOWA Level Probe Product Video
• JOWA USA Home Page   
• Wireless Transmitter
Head Pressure Transmitter
• PT5000 Pressure Transmitter 
• Submersible Pressure Transmitter by JOWA USA
• PT 300 Series Transmitter PDF
• PT 700 Series Transmitter PDF
Submersible Pressure Transmitter Accessories
• Kellem Grip for Cable Support
• Lightning Protection for Submersible Pressure Transmitter   
• Pressure Cell Junction Box
Radar Transmitter
• Guided Wave Radar
Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
Hyde Park Ultrasonic Products
     • General Purpose 1.5 & 3 Meter Ultrasonic Transmitter  
     • General Purppose 6 & 12 Meter Ultrasonic Transmitter      
     • Intrinsically Safe 1.5 & 3 meter Ultrasonic Transmitter
     • Intrinsically Safe 6 & 12 meter Ultrasonic Transmitter  
• FlowLine Level Products

Liquid Level Switches 

• Thermal Liquid Level Switches  
Float Level Switches-Liquid Products
     • Kobold Level Switches  
     • Dwyer Level Switches  
     • Anchor Scientific  
Low Cost Conductivity Switches for Liquids
     • NEK Compact Conductive Level Switch  
     • AQS Aquaswitch Sensor

Wireless Transmitter Solutions 

• Wireless Point to Point Transmitter solution.  
• Wireless Point to Multi-Point Transmitter solution

Dry Product Level Transmitters 

• BinMaster Level Product  
• Binmaster 3D Level Scanner      
     • Binmaster SmartBob2  
     • Binmaster SmartBob “AO” Transmitter  
     • Binmaster Radar Transmitter for Dry Products

Flowline Solid Product Level Solutions

Dry Product Level Switches 

• Binmaster Vibrating Rod Point Level Sensors  
• Kobold Level Products  
• Dwyer Level Switches

Level Product Accessories

• Latching relay for simple Level Control Applications  
• Duplex Pump Controller.   
• Wireless Point to Point Transmitter solution  
• Wireless Point to Multi-Point Transmitter solution

Proximity Sensors


• Inductive Proximity Sensors  
     • Analog Output Inductive Proximity Sensors  
     • New Product Catalog
     • Proximity Switch Cross Document  
Capacitive Proximity Sensors  
• Rechner High Performance Capacitive Proximity Switches   
     • TriClamp Capacitive Proximity Switch  
     • Teach by Wire or Button Capacitive Prox  
     • Sensor holder for tube mounting        
     • Material Dielectric Constants     
     • Rechner Capacitive Level Measurement
     Rechner Product Videos
• 26 Series Flour Demonstration  
          • KXS Extreme Range Series Overview  
 Low Cost Capacitive Proximity Sensors
• Capacitive Proximity Sensors-General Purpose
• High Temperature(180 C) Inductive Proximity Sensor   
• Go Switch - Proximity Switches for Harsh Applications  
• Inductive Large Aperture Part Detection Sensors  
• Impact Sensor  
• Part Detection Light Screen  
• Cylinder Reed Switch Sensors
Sensor Cables 
• HTM Cables and Connectors     
•  High Flex TPE Cables and Connectors
• Welding TPE Cables and Connectors
• Field Attachable Connectors  
• Bulkhead Connectors  
• Dielectric Grease
• Sensor Power Supply and Control Module    
• EGI RLC Min / Max Application Note
• Hyde Park Python Power Supply & Output Converter  
• Softnose Proximity Switch Accessories  
     • Cushioned Mount video  
• Sensor Tester Battery Box  
• Life Time Inductive Prox Warranty     
Die Part Ejection Detection Sensor
• Ring Sensor for Die Cast Part Ejection Detection

Relative Humidity


Industrial Grade Relative Humidity Products
• Vaisala Products  
     • Electronic Catalog  
Low Cost Relative Humidity Products
• ACI RH Products  
• Hycal Products

Safety Products


Light Curtains      
• Pinnacle Systems           
• HTM Electronics  
• Safety Mats
• Ergonomic Palm Buttons

Signal conditioner / Transmitter


API Products 
     • DC Input  
     • DC Signal Splitters  
     • DC Input Alarms  
     • Loop Isolators and Loop Power Supplies  
     • Thermocouple Input  
     • RTD Input  
     • Frequency I/O  
     • AC Input  
     • Potentiometer Alarms  
     • Bridge Strain Guage Input    
     • Valve Drivers, Math Modules, P-I Converters  
     • Module Accessories  
     • Current Transmitters, Switches, CTs  
• Camille Bauer  
• A.P.C.S.  
• DHG Digital Signal Conditioner
• TalTech Data Collection Software  

Ultrasonic Sensors


Hyde Park Sensors  
     • Complete Catalog  
     • Hyde Park Software Configurator System  
     • CT1000 Counting Sensors  
     • SS100 Thru-Beam Web Sensing System  
     • Accessories  
     • Python Power Converter  
     • Ultrasonic Slot Sensor 
     Obsolete Products
• PR100 & SP100           
• General Purpose and Intrinsically Safe Reflective Sensors   
NUS-7 - Ultrasonic Level Transmitter for Liquids

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